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Hello again my Favourite Person. I have been gone a week and I have quite some stuff to Report. There is work piling up, but only in terms of paycheck size. Which, as you can figure out on your own, means that (unless I overestimate your intelligence, in which case I sincerely apologize for making you think that I think that you're slow) I have little work in terms of number of projects but quite some money hanging on it :) I'm not sure if you know this about me, Zonk, but I belong to the artisan category of art. Which makes me underpaid, underfed and eternally squatting over my traditional tools. So every time I spot a check bearing my name with a 5 figure amount written on it, my reflex reaction is 'haHA bitch!'. Which kinda sucks but o well..

But that is a lame Report. It wouldn't have been on a general basis but on a since-yesterday-basis, since I have other huger things to tell you, as approximately 50% of you already know, I should go ahead and add it to my Report. So here it is: I may be playing at the Frog. On the 9th of May. Kickass you say? Not so, I say. You see, I have never played in public before, and I really only sing to myself, and to do both for the first time at a place like Blue Frog is fucking stupid. And I wouldn't have taken it up if I didn't have my anxiety drugs. Thank you, Lonazep. Time to misuse you :) And now I've told you. I'm off to make a List to figure out How To Not Screw Up At The Frog. Coming up in my next post whenever I wander back here, 
Kirtana Krishnan
Star News.
(Don't ask why. Star News just sounded right.)

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