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Report again.

Zonk my dearest, I have been away for too long now. It's like walking into your house after a stint of running away and finding the furniture all repositioned. Or your bed sold. Or your clothes offered up to charity. (Note to Zonk: The writer of this blog urges you to keep in mind the fact that the above examples are merely metaphorical. In case you do run away for a bit and come back home to find all your possessions transformed into a wad of cash and a bunch of smiling freshly-clothed orphans, it's a sign that you were right all along–nobody loves you. So just take some of the cash that came from selling your doorknob and curtain rods; and the clothes off the orphans' backs and run right away again.) 

So. My poor grey page feels all cobwebbed from lack of use. My apologies, Ink. I would bring you a present if I only knew what things would interest an ill-used faithful blog like yourself. Instead I have decided to come here everyday again and say something small and shit like I used to before..you know.
*waits for suspense to happen*
And now you're wondering before what? Ah how well I know you, Zonk. And because I know what you want to know and because I am not the type of tease that keeps people waiting for no reason, I'll go right ahead and tell you before what. 
You see, my life has changed quite some since I stopped pasting its shambles all over this space. 
How My Life Has Changed

  1. Ridiculous amounts of Leisure: Ever since I got done with my Wall that broke my back for about a month, the Little Person In My Head That Needs Lazy Time to stay alive has been whining for food. And so I have been being lazy. And don't even bother to correct my grammar; I know just what I said wrong on purpose thank you kindly. But being lazy has been turning that Little Person In My Head into an Increasingly Large Person In My Head, which means it is stronger now, and pretty much the Master Of Me. It's a vicious circle, Zonk. Believe you me, it is best that you treat that Little Person as you would a fish. Feed it tiny round objects once a day and remember to forget to do that on every alternate day, because it will still manage to stay very much alive. Since no one was benevolent enough to tell me about that little trick, I have now turned into a lump of a person that sits on a couch and stares at a TV screen while stuffing my face all day. Pretty tragic if you think about it, considering I used to be skinny and hyper once..but these things happen. So move on.
  2. Technology: Technology came to bldg.no. 46D, flat. no. 18, Asiatic Society, Dombivli (W), Kathmandu; in the form of a super fun thingy called Photoshop. So now, when I'm on my comp all day, I'm sometimes trying to do a good job of pasting my head on the body of Carmen Electra rather than facebooking or blogging or chatting. And the last two sentences are brimming with blatant lies. I do not try to morph my head onto celeb bodies, for one. Also, you don't really expect me to put up my real address all over cyberspace do you. I have more sense than that *looks smug* Point being, I now have potential to someday use my computer for more things than communication. *celebrates*
  3. Blue Frog: Yes. It's true. Blue Frog happened to me. And since half the people who read this blog on a regular basis already know about that, I might as well stop with the tone of incredulity. But for those of you who don't yet know, I'm playing Blue Frog next month, and it's my first gig ever, and I'll be shitting bricks for a good one week before the show. How I got that lucky is a long and not-too-interesting story, so we'll skip it for now. 
  4. Meds: The meds happened again o yea. So that means I won't be panicking on gig night. Screw You GAD B-)
I think that's about all that's new. Tomorrow I have my Dosa-daaru party to host. It's all going awesomely (which, of course, is why I'm not here too often anymore:P)
See you soon, Zonk. 
PS: I get pav bhaji dinner today and you could have lived your whole life without knowing that. But woooooo!

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