*irons things*

I’ve popped back in to tell you that I’ve discovered the most amazingly therapeutic activity in the Universe.

I just semi-tidied my closet and rounded up a bunch of clothes I need to return to people. And then –
I ironed them.

I’ve never ironed much before, Zonk, on account of I believe clothes iron themselves out, given a chance. But I ironed today, and it was beautiful. It’s oddly soothing to iron slowly and watch the wrinkles smooth out. Best half hour of my whole day, I’d say. I’m going to iron things everyday now. Well. Every week, at least.

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this before?

Two Things

Dear Zonk,

I have things to tell you but those things must wait. And so I’ll tell you instead about two things that have made my sort-of-sad weekend a little bit happier.

  1. C got me a Totoro bracelet from Japan. It had 3 Totoros on it, and white and gold beads. Which is really not anything I’d ever wear. But Totoro is important, and so he got it for me anyway and told me to take it apart and DIY it. I took it apart, and Deepali put it back together with blacker beads on the train to Goa. I wore it all through the trip and lost it on my way home.

    This was last week. I thought Totoro was gone forever. But today I finally sat down to unpack and there it was, at the bottom of the bag. It’d broken off and fallen in. How lucky is that :)

  2. I went shopping alone for – I think – the first time ever today. I got my mom a watch for her birthday. And then I wandered for a while and bought me a few things to cheer me up. It’s nice to wander around alone in a mall, Zonk. It made me feel anonymous. And like I could be anyone I chose to be for a few hours. Today I pretended I was A Girl Who Lives Alone And Has Her Shit Together Always.

I’ll be back, Zonk. We need to talk soon, you and I.

Love always,


Eight hours of sleep. 

Dear Zonk,

A friend pointed out to me recently, while we were in Goa, that I sleep a lot. And I wonder if it’s true. 

I slept almost 7 hours last night but I’ve sleepwalked through today and I’m tired. If I could, I’d go to bed right now.

Maybe I am an anomaly. Maybe I need two extra hours in my day. Maybe there is a parallel universe somewhere where each day lasts 26 hours and I’m happier and healthier and more likely to go running in the morning. 
In this Universe though, I have upped the number of coffees I have each day to 3.

*spaces out*

Goodnight, Zonk.

Love always,


More than ‘Puff

Dear Zonk,

I’m working on a Bleak post after ages now. Not because I ought to, but because I want to. Because, after months of nothing, I’m finally itching to. I’d forgotten how it feels: the impatient bubbling up of things that want to get out and be made.

This one is weird. I’m not sure where it will go. What started with simply not wanting to be Hufflepuff has turned into some sort of epiphany.

I hope this one gets done.

Love always,

The Return of MojoJojo

Dear Zonk,

I found my iPod today. After three years. I charged it and checked it out properly and synced it up with iTunes again. And guess what, it works. After all this time.

Gave me the feels, it did.

I’d planned to tell you more about this but I haven’t slept much last night and I have a cold and a fever tonight and a small part of my face is red and slightly swollen and burning. So yeah.

Nice balanced post, this. Some stuff that sucks, some stuff that doesn’t.

I think I’ll go sleep now.

Love always,