Dear Zonk,

I’ve had a pretty unproductive weekend.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning up and helping my mom with family dinner and getting documents in place. I spent most of today lounging around.

And still I’m satisfied.

Or maybe I’m just mildly buzzing. Either way, it’s a good feeling. I’ll take it for now, thank you very much.

Meanwhile, I wonder what’s been up with you. We really should meet up sometime, Zonk. We really, truly should.

Love always,


Late Evening Epiphany

Some days I get really engrossed in work or worry about finishing something quickly or staying on top of things. And I decide I’ll take my laptop home and read up on this in advance at home and set the stage for tomorrow.

Today was one of those days. I decided I’ll go home and catch up on work a bit. And then I went for my yoga session and proceeded to tie myself up in knots. Halfway through the session, while I was lying painfully contorted on the floor, my brain said – Fuck it. And I abandoned all thought of wasting my precious night on work.

There’s many reasons I like these yoga sessions. But tonight I hit upon one of the more obscure ones; something I hadn’t managed to put my finger on before. 

If you work 9-10 hours a day, spend 2-2.5 hours commuting, and 6-7 hours sleeping. There’s precious little left over.

Sometimes it takes mild physical pain and complete and utter exhaustion to remind you of what’s real. For ten hours a day, it’s the ideas that you work with. But the rest of your time is yours.

Happy you-time, Zonk.
Love always,

The Hundred Secret Senses (spoiler alert)

I think Kwan intended to show me the world is not a vast place but the vastness of the soul. And the soul is nothing more than love, limitless, endless, all that moves us toward knowing what is true. I once thought love was supposed to be nothing but bliss. I now know it is also worry and grief, hope and trust. And believing in ghosts – that’s believing that love never dies. If people we love die, they are lost only to our ordinary senses. If we remember, we can find them anytime with our hundred secret senses. “This a secret,” I can still here Kwan whispering. “Don’t tell anyone. Promise, Libby-ah.

– from ‘The Hundred Secret Senses’ by Amy Tan.

Smonday Review

This weekend has been crammed full of things, and also oddly refreshing. Here’s a list of everything I did –

  • Make a fancy sandwich.
  • Lunch with mom and a friend’s mom. The moms are getting along with each other nicely enough now. This makes me happy.
  • A baking workshop! I have no idea why I signed up for it, but it was fun. I learned to bake 4 types of cake with the same batter. And I also actually wanted to try baking one today. I did not. On account of I am lazy and mistrustful of these sudden urges to bake. And also on account of having to clear up later.
  • Badminton with Tinku. Because his friends play badminton these days and he never has before and his less than perfect hand-eye coordination isn’t helping him any. I don’t want the other kids to laugh at him. And so, I took him out today and taught him what little I know about holding a racquet and making a serve. He improved quite a bit, I think. And also, badminton is fun.
  • The park with Miku. Because I forgot to take my keys and had to go pick them up from my mom and my sister and Miku after the badminton session. But Miku wanted to go to the park (which was Right There) and the mom and the sister wanted to buy vegetables and everyone was very happy to see me. It’s hard to say no to a baby. And so, to the park we went. Where Miku insisted on not wearing shoes and climbing backwards up all the slides. I had fun, though. And so did he. I could tell, because every time he came down the slide, he was screaming ‘Wheeee!’.
  • Brooklyn 99. I’ll get back to watching that in a minute.
  • Read.
  • Afternoon nap.
  • Police Station. Again. For my passport. Again.
  • Bills. Again. Because such is life.

That’s a long fucking list. It almost makes up for Sunday having slipped into Smonday.
That’s all for now. I hope you get through the week in one piece, Zonk.

Love always,

PS: I forgot to add – I’ll be wrapping up the weekend with a Maggi dinner and ice-cream. I can’t ask for much more.