9 years, and an engagement.

Dear Zonk, I got engaged yesterday. Officially. An actual ceremonial affair with 20-ish people in a lounge with a chunnar and tilaks and rings and everything. The rings were fucked up and have now been sent for repair. The lounge was nice. The people were lovely, and everyone had a nice time. And C and I blundered through the […]

How I Just Saved Your Eyes

At least I know that next time you go to your optician he won’t spoon your eyes out and and put them in a jar labelled ‘Rendered Useless Due To Excessive Reading Of Badly Designed Blog’. Remember me when that does not happen, Zonk. Every time you remember me in the context of your still-unimpaired vision, I gain a kilo. So be nice. Read my blog. Go to your optician, check that your eyes are A-Okay, and think ‘Kitu’. The more often you do it, the sooner I’ll fulfill my personal goal of reaching the 50kg-mark.