The Birthday Series – Part I (or Rahul’s list of things to do)

Dear Zonk,

For the duration of this post, you are not Zonk. Zonk is Rahul, BFF in the Male Category, who found this blog on Vox a long time ago and christened himself Zonk and left a message on this post. That was 6 years ago, and we’re best friends now, on account of Rahul is one of the most spontaneous, interesting people I know. And also probably the most Alive. Which only goes to show that the Internet is a wonderful place where strangers turn into real people, and people become friends sometimes.

I started writing this post because Rahul made a List Of Things To Do On His Birthday and I think it’s an excellent list that you should maybe read. (Ps. I helped make it.) But then I figured that it would be nice to do a series of posts dedicated to the people closest to me over the next one year. The Birthday Series. This post is the first of them.

Rahul’s List of Things To Do Today

  1. Spray paint graffiti
  2. Smoke from a Vaporiser
  3. Have special coffee
  4. Put up a blog post
  5. Launch a Chinese Lantern
  6. Talk to a new girl
  7. Dance
  8. Make a song. Even if it’s only 4 lines.
  9. Run a kilometre.
  10. Make one person very happy somehow.
  11. Give yourself a gift, and also your mom. (Like Charlie, from Perks)
  12. Find a new blog worth reading regularly.
  13. Give everyone present at your party a compliment. Separate compliment for each person.
  14. If there’s an open mic night somewhere, play. If not, perform at the party anyway.
  15. Feel the rain.
  16. Watch the sunset.
  17. Take a selfie with everyone there.
  18. Touch the sea.
  19. Give 3 strangers a hug.
  20. Write emails to those you’d want to meet but can’t.
  21. Get a new Look for a day and also do something cool with facial hair (if it currently exists.)
  22. Wear headgear you’ve never worn before for the evening.
  23. Hitch hike at least 1km.
  24. Either get a drink or 50rs.
  25. Find an old album you love and listen to it straight through.
  26. Make a new friend.
  27. Go to Thane!

Happy Birthday, Zonk :) I hope you kill this list today. (But honestly, how?!)

Love always,

Ps. I might make a list of things to do for my birthday this year, too. I think it’s a nice idea. A whole other sort of wishlist.