Dear Zonk, I have a theory about friends and life and major life events. Things happen in seasons. When you have a bunch of people you’re really close to, the graphs of your lives start to sync up. If someone in your circle starts out on a new relationship, chances are that someone else will be starting […]

4 good things.

Dear Zonk, Sometimes, when you look out and down from the 23rd floor, the rain seems to fall in slow motion. In my office, there’s a patch of almost-grass that feels very real. And if you sit on it and work, nobody sees you. Upstairs, there are beanbags, and beds. They brought our old guitar in […]


Dear Zonk, It’s cold today. And I slept too much in the afternoon and woke up into the wrong end of the day. Now that is always a cause for sadness. I wish you lived 5 minutes away, so I could walk over right now and stand under your window and crane my head up […]

Blue winter.

Dear Zonk, It’s snowing pretty heavily on Ink tonight. I like WordPress snow. It’s whimsical. It’s festive and it’s nice. And also, it feels like winter. Unlike Bombay. Bombay feels like summer and stickiness and sloth. It’s stifling. I’m sick of feeling stifled. And I’m sick of standing still. … Love always, K.

Bit players.

Dear Zonk, People are getting married and quitting jobs and moving away, and I don’t like it at all. My sister’s married and moved out now; Niha will be married this week; C is making major changes and Ila leaves for Canada on the 18th. I don’t like change, Zonk. I don’t like that growing […]