The Bring-My-Blog-Back-To-Life Project

Edit: My apologies for this mother-of-all-long-posts. But it is imperative that you read it to the end. It is Very Important Indeed, and also Absolutely Fucking Urgent. Thank you, and please proceed.

Dear Zonk,

I just spent a long time talking to Frank after a long time (see what I did there?) And talking to Frank always makes me think about how much more I used to blog six years or so ago, when I’d just started out on Vox and he’d signed up to be my first ever subscriber. I was a whole lot younger then, Zonk, and enthusiastic and energetic and excited about things. I whizzed through my world like a baby cockroach on caffeine. I fizzed and popped and bubbled. I was like Red Bull. I had wiiings. I could take trains every day twice a day and not think twice about it. I could play guitar for hours on end and make songs that I can no longer remember (or manage to play.) I could blog a hell of a lot – twice a day, thrice a day, as many times a day as you please – and never run out of things to say.

But I’m older now, and tireder, and I seem to have run out of things to say and spare time to say them in. And steam, even, but that is a temporary thing.

I grow old, I grow old.
I shall wear the bottom of my trousers rolled.

And so, I’ve decided to start up on a new project. The Bring-My-Blog-Back-To-Life project. And I know I’ve been glum and grumpy and neglectful a lot lately, but I’m hoping that some of you who’ve stuck around will help me figure this out. So here goes.

How To Participate 

  1. Ask yourself if you’ve been reading this blog for a while. By ‘a while’ I mean for over a year or so. If yes, then know that you are a stellar person with incredible taste and beautiful things will come your way.
    If not, then ask yourself if you’re willing to sift through some of the debris here and go back in time and read a couple of random articles from my alternately bleak and colourful blog. If yes, then know that you’re pretty awesome and that I love you. Proceed to Step 2
  2. Think about the blog from Back Then and its ghost from Here Now and see if there’s anything you’d like to see more of. It could be a kind of post, a tone of voice, topics, tags, Random Advice; anything at all.
  3. Be a sweetheart and tell me about it. Entries open for one week from tomorrow. Leave it in a comment on this post, and I will collate the data and make all the calculations and prep myself up with brand-new-bloggness to hit you with in December. (More about December in that other post I told you about.)

Rules of Posting

  1. Be nice, or stay quiet. I really care about this.
  2. It’s too late in the night for me to attempt to make up more rules.

What You Get Out Of This

  1. For the Zonk that leaves the most nicely written comment (in my humble opinion) – I will sift through your blog and find and share the link to my favourite of your posts. Which isn’t much, I know. It’s not like you’ll be getting any crazy traffic on my account. But you will maybe get that warm fuzzy feeling we all get when someone likes what we write and responds nicely to it.
  2. For the top three most insightful and helpful Zonks – I will write one post dedicated to you highlighting your superpowers. For real. (I’m not sure any of you want that. But it’d be a fun exercise for me to figure out superpowers for you. It might also be a fun exercise for you to read about said superpowers. In any case, you won’t know till you try it, and there is no harm in trying at all.)
  3. For the Most insightful and helpful Zonk – apart from that promised superpower post – two drinks, on me. I might not be drinking myself, mind you. But I will buy you two drinks. Somehow, somewhere, someday. Sonn ideally, but that really depends on the geography and the logistics of it all.

That’s all for now, Zonk. I’m excited about this. I hope you are, too. Some of you at least. We all need to blog more in general, in life. It would make the Universe a more bearable place.

Love always,


Design, Updater

Advanced and Pointless Statistics

Aaaaand we’re back. For good. For now. For today at least. And I’m making two posts in one day to prove it. Fyi, Zonk, two posts in one day is a huge development seeing as this is March 2011 and I don’t seem to blog much in March 2011. I did some good hard thinking about that, if you want to know. I made some lists and drew up some charts and did this really complicated colour coded graph type thing to measure the distressing and highly absurd relationship between Propensity To Post and Month of March and figured out that there isn’t really that much of a connection between the two. So then I got back to doing all that work I was supposed to be doing while I was messing with advanced and pointless statistics, and it hit me that that is the reason I haven’t been blogging. Advanced and Pointless Statistics.

Now of course I’m only saying that because it’s catchy. I’d say I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been busy, that I have way too much to do and too little time and I’m too tired of sitting at my comp all day to stay there a little extra and try to blog. I’d say all of that, but you wouldn’t want to hear it. If you’re still here that is. I’ve been away for so long I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone’s left.
Gone. Vanished. Kaput. But I don’t want you to be kaput, Zonk, and that is partly why I’m explaining all of this to you, all this Advanced and Pointless Statistics. And I’m breaking it down into tiny bite-sized pieces and putting it down in point-form and everything.



The next time I whine about not having enough to do, Zonk, slap me. After that, put a steel bucket over my head and beat it with a spoon. Here’s a list of everything I have worked on, am working on and need to work on:

  1. Beanstalk branding: Indeed. I know what you’re thinking. I already wrote a huge post about finishing this logo ages ago and how on earth could I still be working on it. But I am, I swear. It’s taken ages because I’ve been doing other things on the side and possibly also because I’m still sort of slow with this stuff. Though I did have much lesser trouble with Guitar.inc..oh well. Anyway, a few weeks after that last post, I reworked the logo to make it simpler and more print friendly, which took ages. Then I did the visiting card, which got done really quick. Then I did the letterhead for several frustrating hours and I still have to get a final version of it. And then I have to paste most of the letterhead on an envelope which shouldn’t take much time either. In any case, it’s almost done now, this branding, and I’m starting to feel proud of it slightly. Slightly. There is a version for white backgrounds too, of course, but I like this one best so here it is. (Thank you, C, for helping out.)
    PS: Shobhan, do notice the increase in the thickness of the font and the decrease in the number of colours :)

    Beanstalk Productions

  2. Guitar.inc branding: This one I’m happy with. It happened really easily and I liked it right from the start. The logo, card and letterhead are done. Really little’s left to do but I just haven’t got around to finishing it yet.


  3. Bandstand Festival: This one started out as a giant-ish project, but ended up suddenly small. Anyway, I helped C do branding and brochures for it. It’s not much to look at, but then it’s not supposed to be too fancy anyway.

    Bandstand Revival

  4. Wedding Card: I think this is the nicest project I have right now. Someone’s getting married and I’m doing a fun card for them. I have ideas, I have rough sketches..but it’s difficult to do and I really really hope I can pull it off because I sincerely want to. *fingers crossed* Also, I think I’d like to do more of such stuff.
  5. Inonit Artwork: This just came in, it’s not even fully in yet, I have to send them a quotation tomorrow. (This was the meeting I was going for earlier today, fyi.)
  6. Illustration trial: This for What’s the scene, I need to try it out and see if I want to do this every fortnight, and if I can do it at all in the first place. I haven’t started yet. I will. Soon.
    PS: @Ganesh – I swear.
  7. Class assignments: Fucking waste of time. And a Lot of time too. Flash assignments take ages to do. I mean, they are a lot of fun sometimes, but still.

Apart from which, I’m supposed to be painting and practicing to draw and playing my guitar everyday too. I don’t. I can’t. I’m an intrinsically lazy person and I can’t deal with too-much-to-do. I am also an intrinsically disgruntled person and I’d whine about my life no matter how awesome it happened to be, so don’t get me wrong. I really like that I have work to do. I even like the fact that it’s sometimes a bit too much for my comfort. Because having things to do keeps me from feeling adrift and finishing them makes me feel like life might work out fine after all, contrary to paranoid belief.
Besides, I’m starting to pretty much enjoy this stuff too.

It really makes me think of how beautifully everything turns out sometimes..This time last year I was making fun little drawings on Paint and I thought Word 2007 was complicated. Two years ago I didn’t even own a paintbrush. Just last month I was cribbing because I didn’t have enough to do; and now, all of a sudden, I’m a Designer and I’m swamped and that feels fucking awesome to say. It’s strange that I might be able to build my entire career based on a series of coincidences starting with Frank and a somewhat ugly pair of shoes. Happy coincidences, but coincidences nonetheless.

Oh well. Such is life. And as long as our coincidences are mostly happy ones, we’ll be a sorted people.

And now I’m off read some Calvin. Tomorrow my brand new wardrobe arrives and I get one entire cupboard to myself – 4 shelves and 2 and a half drawers – and I’m kicked to put my things in it. Calvin gets some proper space to himself. Finally :D And before I forget:


Advanced and Pointless Statistics:

Advanced and Pointless Statistics

Not so Advanced after all :)
Goodnight, Zonk.


Vox Imports

Whose Life Is It Anyway

There's people who make things happen and there's people things happen to. I'm pretty sure I belong in that second category. Partly cos it seems to be what the Universe has in mind for me and partly cos I've always been a little lacking in the conviction department. You know..the type that reckons they're worth something good but aren't sure enough to go ahead and find out. And so I've drifted through the last twenty years on the fruits of other people's faith in me and a lot of luck. 

You'd think, then, that I must be used to things happening by themselves by now. But turns out no amount of prior practice will do when everything makes up its mind without informing you and goes ahead and just becomes. Two days ago I was feeling useless and wondering who'd want to employ me. But thanks to the awesomeness of social networking sites and a very resourceful friend called Frank, I've been thinking about employing people in a few months time. That's far away of course, but what's real right now is an official id I'm using that has an order for a pair of Shoerikens all the way from Delhi. Woooooooo! (That's what my shoes are called now, fyi, Shoerikens. And if you want a pair mail your order to shoeriken@gmail.com. I think everyone reading this is a little lukkha and highly unlikely to cough up any money for a pair of shoes, but worth a shot isn't it?) 
And then of course other stuff happens that you think you're giving yourself time to sort out first. You see what I mean now. Too many things hitting me randomly in two and a half days. If Life is like an airplane journey, mine feels like it just got hijacked by the Madagascar penguins. And I'm stuck in the back watching it head to wherever with no idea what the plan is. Feels awesome to not have a detailed plan.
These things happen. I am a stone full of hurtling again but this time, I'm awake enough to be liking it. Woooooooo!

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Vox Imports


Okay, not much different from the pics I mailed some people a while back. But its been tidied up a bit, the ribbon's more ribbony cos I've touched up the outline and also black markered it a bit. The kanji logo thing added on the right shoe (not doing it on the left shoe because I don't like the idea of symmetry). the canvas strip at the bottom with the ugly green lines that Bata puts I've painted black (till the green line). Here's pics of the final thing. Won't paint the tongue till I find a paint fixer thingy..

Someone take better pics of this please cos I can't with my phone cam. There is no green, only black that the cam screws up.
I'm exhausted.
But that's one pair SOLD! To a very demanding buyer :) 
Keep buying.

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Vox Imports

Shoes for Frank

Okay, theres another pic, but if my computer hangs on me one more time I swear to God I will kill myself and believe you me this is no empty threat cos my comp's hung on me 27683728 times in the last half an hour and I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Anyway Franklin, here's your shoes. Read up on the myth of Icarus if you don't know it already. I think I fucked up the hair a bit, but it looks better in real life. I mean shoe type life. Tell me if you want the whole shoe painted red or if that'd be too flashy. Your call I think its fine this way, but full red won't be bad either. 
And you owe me a gin.

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Vox Imports

I don’t know what this post is called

So its that time of the day again where I'm itching to blog and wishing there was something bloggable-about to blog about.

Note to Future Generations That Might Be Here In Order To Gather Data While Compiling My Biography (henceforth refered to as FGTMBIOTGDWCMB): I indulge in pointless repetition of words like "blog" when I know the post is going in no particular direction whatsoever. But that is not to say I don't believe great works of literature cannot be the product of blind blabber. If you look carefully you will notice my masterful use of alliteration of the "bl" sound in that last sentence.
Pretty cool eh. They say Hamlet began when Shakespeare wrote an article about pigs for the Times Of Elizabeth's weekly food supplement. These things happen.
*looks off into the distance with the air of an intellectual*

But now its time to abandon that thread of bloggal probability. Please note how I coined a word in that last sentence. I could be famous someday. I could. *nods fervently*

Any case. Lets talk about the Cyberspace People. You know how every bored person with an internet connection has a bunch of friends who are friends by virtue of the fact that they are bored and have internet connections too? Well. So I have a couple of such Cyberspace Friends, some of whom I might not recognize outside of a gtalk chatbox. But screw you if you judge friendship by superficial stuff like the Ability To Recognize Said Friend. I know of people with Alzheimers who get confused trying to distinguish betwen people and shoeboxes but thats not to say they are incapable of making friends. Memory has nothing to do with the ability to form deep and meaningful relationshps. All they gotta do is get full facebook profiles of friends tattooed on their bare bodies. If you've seen Ghajini you know I'm right.
But I digress. I'm not an amnesiac, I don't have Alzheimers. I remember every last detail of my life except for all those hours lost to irresponsible alcohol consumption. But I do have a bunch of friends I keep in touch with online.

Which leads me to the next point in this porcupine-type multi-pointed post.


Now I'm off to read. Bye bye ~ 

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