9 years, and an engagement.

Dear Zonk, I got engaged yesterday. Officially. An actual ceremonial affair with 20-ish people in a lounge with a chunnar and tilaks and rings and everything. The rings were fucked up and have now been sent for repair. The lounge was nice. The people were lovely, and everyone had a nice time. And C and I blundered through the […]

Notes from my first ever longish trip to anywhere at all.

Dear Zonk, I didn’t blog at all while I was away, but here’s an unedited stream of things I thought at various points over the last 15 days. Philadelphia October 31st – November 4th It’s cold here. Not a biting, bone-chilling cold, but a thrilling this-is-pretty-cool sort of cold. Philly is way colder than the coldest winter […]

Luminous (WIP)

Edited to add: Use headphones if you can. A long time ago, I told you that I almost finished recording one complete song and that I’m thinking of maybe sharing the WIP version with you. So, here you go. Things you should know: This song is called Luminous. I’ve been sitting on it for over a […]


(I wrote this post last night in bed, but gmail sucks on my phone, and I don’t do word limits too well. So I’m finishing up and posting it today.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So it’s time to stay awake at night and talk to you again. And this time, I’m here to tell a story. A few […]