Worries and things to look forward to.

Dear Zonk, This coming month, I’m going to be doing a trip to Europe. Part of it with friends, and part of it kinda alone. I’m going to Belgium. I’m going to be living in a tent. I’m going to be at a real live Radiohead concert. I might go four days without a shower. All of […]


Dear Zonk, I have a theory about friends and life and major life events. Things happen in seasons. When you have a bunch of people you’re really close to, the graphs of your lives start to sync up. If someone in your circle starts out on a new relationship, chances are that someone else will be starting […]


Dear Zonk,  Today has been the most horrible day that’s struck us in a while.   I hope that you’re healthy and moderately wealthy and passably happy right now. And if you are, then I hope that you’re grateful for it.  Life is fleeting.  Fuck.  Love always, K.

7 cups of tea

Dear Zonk, I stayed up last night signing up on 7 cups of tea. That’s a community where people from around the world train to be active listeners and volunteer to chat with other people from all around the world who are down and need someone to talk to. It’s anonymous, and it’s not a replacement […]