Tiny Resolution – Part II

Dear Zonk, If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know that I have a pattern. I get excited about stuff, I set things in motion, I make a big deal of them… and then they fizzle out. I used to hate myself for it. But over time, I’ve learned to be grateful for these cyclical bursts […]

Break time.

Dear Zonk, I got into my cab this morning and slid down in my seat and imagined that the front half of me was pinning the rest of me down. It was oddly satisfying. But it’s set the tone for the rest of the day. *slides lower down* I’m tired. We did a send off […]


Dear Zonk, This weekend was Productive. I cooked (my mom was kinda ill), wrote down the recipes of the things I made and then also made small doodles to go with them, helped Tink with his art project, drew hands, and figured out the remainder of my wedding card (variant 1). I also had an […]

Stream of Consciousness

Dear Zonk, I’ve been away for ages, I know, but for once I have reasons that are happy rather than sad. It’s too long a story to really get into at 10.30 on a Monday night, but I’ll say this⎯ when things begin to weigh you down, don’t wait it out. Change something. Or, at […]