Random Fact

If I take off my shoe and prop my feet up on the carton beneath this computer table and touch the switchboard with my foot I kinda get very very slightly electrocuted. Its fun. :)  Read and post comments | Send to a friend Advertisements


Theory # __   Theory number x. The only one I intend to discuss here, too. Because I have been thinking, now, about the choices that we make. The choices that we are forced to make. And the time we spend making them. Thinking again a thousand times so we know for sure that we […]


I am the little person in my head- eyes screwed shut and humming. And if a smile shaped love came knocking at my door and said- Hello, I've come again I'd say Go away. You've killed me once before. And if Life whispered in my ear to tell me Come wake, there's more to see, I'd stay, I'd […]

The blackest blue

Paranoia is the voices in your head that you do your best to ignore. Even when they scream. There's a hardy little person in your skull that stuffs its fingers in its ears and hums and hums to drown the sound. I am not that little person, and I'm drowning in the noise. Some people […]

Shades of blue.

I've been thinking that when people say they are blue they could be anywhere between melancholia and a death-wish. Not a fun observation, but I've been low for a while now and I've been taking down notes. Not. And I thought that I might as well share my observations with the rest of the world, […]


Okay, cancel that "goodbye" I ended my post with 10 minutes ago. I'm not allowed to say I have nothing to write. Seems its not a valid post. So. I'd discuss global warming or consumerism or politics or the military rule in the north-east; except I won't. For more reasons than you'd suspect, too. I'm […]