Dave Genius Matthews

DAVE MATTHEWS Dave Unfairly Gifted Matthews. I don't know about you, but sometimes when I hear a really good song, in my head I'm thinking- Fuck. Wish I'D written that song. So today on my way to work I was listening to The Dreaming Tree (and fat ladies who are secretly confident that they could […]

The Invisible Pink Unicorn

 me: .loim bored Frank: go pray to the pink unicornshe will grant you lots of entertainment me: cant Frank: or if you are still unsatisfied pary to his holiness the god of all pastafarians the FSM me: the pink unicorn is offended cos i saw her standing in the shadow of a grill n mistook her for a striped […]


Hello all, its 10:07a.m. and I'm already depressingly bored. Unfortuanately, I have nothing to talk about today either. And even more unfortunately, I've already discussed zilch here, so that leaves zilch to write about right now. (Please note the subtle play on words. Thank you. *bows*) So now I'll tell you who's what colour. And […]


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R.I.P. (not)

Somewhere in a little district named Thane is a hairdresser whose hair is going to start falling out. Soon. Really soon. In strange fancy patterns. And then he's going to kill himself. And he's going to be turning in his grave, thinking of all the haircuts he's screwed up in his life. Bastard.   Read […]


"We courted Death in order to call ourselves brave, and hid like thieves from Life."-Toni Morrison "I am a seeker. I listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me."-Hermann Hesse "Where-did-she-go-and-why man. So-lonesome-I-could-die man. Everybody knows your name."-Toni Morrison "We are digging a grave in the sky. It is ample to lie there."-Paul Celan […]


Hello most-probably-nonexistant reader. (And in case of your accidental existance, most-probably-bored-to-death reader). I have zilch to talk about today. But since I have very little else to do, I'll go ahead and talk about zilch. Zilch: Used to represent the value of nothing, zero (0), zip. Jim: Hey, I'm broke. Can I borrow some cash […]