Theory # 27

Hello. Its four days since I blogged. Strange,eh? The reason I haven't been blogging is stranger still: I've been busy. *WAITS FOR DRUMROLL* Oh. Okay. No response, I see. Maybe I should elaborate a bit here. I've been BUSY. I'VE been BUSY. And you see, cool-job-that-keeps-me-out-of-home-till-unearthly-hours notwithstanding, thats quite a novel thing for me. Its thrilling. I've been […]


Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the souland sings the tune without the words and never stops at all. -Emily Dickinson   So get a gun and shoot the birdand kill it while you canits tone deaf and it has no wordsit'll squawk till you go mad. -Me     Hehehehehe:) Fuck. Sorry, Emily Dickinson. […]


Do you know where you'll go when you leave? I know I'll see you again on the ocean floor, our earth washed by the sea. And we'll each be broken by a lifetime on the shore, and we'll be older than we seem.  I am the wailing winter rain. Mourning for our dream. Read and […]

I, Sherlock.

I was thinking about my old guitar Eddie yesterday, which made me remember the spiders. I wonder where they are now. I know you feel lost, dear reader, and so I will go on and tell about The Spiders. Well, my old Granada (which was called Eddie and which I sold because my hands were […]


Hello all. I've been thinking about everything that really matters to me (not people, lets not go there) and heres the list I came up with: My GuitarMy IpodMusicJazz (Toni Morisson)Other Random Things I've ReadFinding Something To Put Up On This Blog EverydayPoliticsFriendshipApocalypseReligionCareerFutureTheatre Okay so I don't care about too much so big deal. Atleast […]


There's a place between sleep and sleep where things go in the time before they fade away. And stay. Like wide awake dreams that only haunt you while you try to forget. Things that shimmer sadly. Like an unshut eye drowned in a sea that stares at you till it sinks down to the ocean […]

Uh oh

Hello again. A new day calls for a customary new blog post (unless its the weekend or a national holiday) Note: I was going to say BANK holiday instead of NATIONAL holiday, but backspaced cos people could get confused and think I'm a teller in a bank or something. Wouldn't wanna mislead anyone. But then […]