Stream of Consciousness

Dear Zonk,

I’ve been away for ages, I know, but for once I have reasons that are happy rather than sad. It’s too long a story to really get into at 10.30 on a Monday night, but I’ll say this⎯ when things begin to weigh you down, don’t wait it out. Change something. Or, at the very least, take a break.

I’m back home and back at work after my break, and I know I haven’t said enough about everything that happened while I was away. But so much time has passed since that I can’t tell you about just that. I have to tell you about other stuff that’s happened too. And that, Zonk, is too much information to organise coherently at 10.37 on a Monday night. Which is why I’m leaving you with this dump of random things I’d like you to know about, in no particular order.

A Dump of Things You Should Know About (in no particular order)

  • I have a new nightlight that I like a lot. It’s a small, teal coloured owl and it sits on a stool by my head and glows greenly all night, every night. Not tonight though, because it’s out of batteries, but oh well.
  • Of all the places I saw on this trip, I liked Bruges best. It’s quaint and charming full of lovely little houses. I liked Brussels second best. I liked Paris third (and last) best.
  • I liked all of the places I saw on this trip. But I’ve realised that I’ll always like sleepy little towns better than big bustling cities. Which is a shame, seeing as I live in one.
  • I’ve cleaned my desk up at work. It’s the same old stuff that I’ve been accumulating over the past 5 years, but I’ve aded new stuff, and shuffled things around a bit. It makes me happier now.
  • I lost nothing on my trip. I never got pick pocketed. I never got lost at all. I adulted like the pro-adult that I’ve become and It. Was. Awesome.
  • Radiohead was awesome too. More awesome than any other gig I’ve ever seen. It was mind blowing. Life changing. Heart melting.
    I was always a fan, but now I’ve become a little bit obsessed.
  • I’ve learned to play (and sing) two Radiohead songs since I got home.
  • One of those, I’ve learned to fingerpick.

  • Which only goes to prove that I can fingerpick now. Finally. After about 10 years of being able to play a fucking guitar. I started out this sentence proud, but I’m ending it with quite some disgust.
  • But, come on. I learned a thing! I’m not good at it yet, but I will be. Some day.
  • My luck in flights has improved dramatically. I got an empty middle seat on my flight to Europe, and an empty middle seat on the flight back B-|
  • I’ve consumed considerably smaller quantites of nonfood since I got back. I’m trying to work out a little bit, at home, but it’s on pause right now. I’m okay with that. I’ll start again mid-week.
  • I had small wedding-y stresses that were probably not meant to be stressed about much. We figured them out. Or rather, C figured them out, on account of being a rational, considerate, and tactful human being with a knack for figuring things out while navigating all sorts of expectations and complex human emotions. How I ever found a boy with such a finely tuned people-radar, I’ll never know. I guess I just lucked out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • On that note, due to a random cosmic event of the type that cannot possibly affect a wedding, my wedding will be slightly affected. Nothing dramatic, just a change that needs some adjusting to. I can’t say much until I figure out the all little details myself, but yeah.
  • I have a Kindle now. A white Paperwhite. I bought it from the US and Si is bringing it down. It’ll be here tomorrow, with him. I feel little joy at the moment about this, though. Because my Kobo is not entirely dead yet, and I love it. A lot. I’m considering using both for a bit, or waiting till my Kobo fully dies. But maybe I’m just being ridiculous now. Oh well. I’ll figure it out.

Okay, I had to take a break to go get money for my dad’s shraddh, which is tomorrow. And lucky for you, I’ve lost my train of thought. So I’ll let you go now.

Goodnight, Zonk.

Love always,


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