My second trip of firsts.

Dear Zonk,

We haven’t been in touch. So you probably don’t know that I’m going to Belgium tonight. To Rock Werchter. Which is a music festival with the most amazing line up ever. Then I go chill in Brussels for three days with a bunch of people, and then head to Paris. Alone. 

I should have done a real post about this before. But because I didn’t, here’s a list to make up for it. 

My second trip of firsts.

This trip will be the first time I –

  • Leave the country with almost 70% of my friends
  • Go to Europe
  • Live in a tent for 4 days
  • Travel alone to someplace outside the country
  • Explore a new city alone
  • Do the above in a non-English speaking place
  • Take an international flight alone

I’m hoping no horrible firsts get added to that list. I really don’t want to get robbed on this trip. Or worse. 

But. This is way more than I thought I’d ever do by myself. Past Kitu would be proud.

You should be proud, too. 

Love always,



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