7 cups of tea

Dear Zonk,

I stayed up last night signing up on 7 cups of tea. That’s a community where people from around the world train to be active listeners and volunteer to chat with other people from all around the world who are down and need someone to talk to. It’s anonymous, and it’s not a replacement for therapy. But it’s something. 

So, I signed up and passed the test. I’m a Listener now. And I’m going to volunteer a few spare hours every week. 

I’m too squeamish and too chicken to volunteer with the physically sick, too busy or too lazy to find the time to go volunteer with kids as of now. (I will do that someday.) But I am okay at listening to people when they’re sad or scared or lonely. And this is flexible – all you need is an internet connection and an hour to spare every once in a while.


Love always,



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