Music, Tiny Resolutions

You and I

Dear Zonk,

I’m on a roll. Here’s a list of everything I did today.

  • Took Tink to Juhu for a thing.
  • Finished a Bleak post, and then realised that I’ve lost my book with the necessary drawings in it. And also that all my other books have the wrong type of paper in them.
  • Quickly saved the day by learning to play (and sing) this song.

Now that might sound like I only did three things, but I did the third thing for hours. The song is fairly simple, with very easy chords. But. The rhythm is a bit tricky for me because it’s so consistent. I’m not used to such tight strum patterns, and I found that though I could play it, I went off if I tried to sing along.

I’m a lazy, sloppy player, Zonk. And I need to be more disciplined. So I asked myself – what would 18 year old Kitu do? 

Now 18 year old Kitu was almost entirely jobless. She also had an incredible guitar teacher who taught her complicated songs that she practiced (sometimes) for days together. 18 year old Kitu would have been appalled at 28 year old Kitu’s inability to play this silly little song right off the bat. But she was also a nervous wreck, at least 10 kilos lighter, and a whole lot more broke. So screw that.

Anyway, I tried to channel my inner 18 year old. I practiced the strum pattern alone, and then added the vocals in. Which, by the way, goes painfully high at one point. Singing was never my strength. My vocal range is very, very narrow, and my falsettos are painfully thin and strained. But I practiced till it got better. Or at least a little bit less creaky. I also phone-recorded several sessions and listened to them to figure what was wrong and then tried to fix those things as I went along.

I’m not sure why I’m telling you all of this in so much detail, Zonk. I thought I might upload one of the recordings from today, but obviously I’m not going to actually follow through on that impulse. *shudders*

Anyway, that’s all for now. My 10 minutes of Doing Something Worthwhile turned into 5 whole hours of it.

And it feels nice :)

Love always,


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