Tiny Resolutions

The Tiny Resolutions Report

Dear Zonk,

It’s been one week since January One, and three since I explained my problems (and their solutions) here to you. I’ve kept track of how I’ve fared with my tiny resolutions this week, mostly because I got a book with square-ruled pages. Also because I got some really nice red and blue pens. And because I’ve kept track, a Report is in order.

Note: In order to keep things simple, I’m going to let December slide and start these resolutions off from Jan. Clean slate and so on.

Another note: I’m not very clear on how grades work. And I also don’t really care. So I’m going to grade me based on how I feel about it. Also, I’m going to be using Harry Potter grades, because they’re so much more descriptive and fun.

Just so you know, this is how the grades go:

  • Outstanding (O)
  • Exceeds Expectations (E)
  • Acceptable (A)
  • Poor (P)
  • Dreadful (D)
  • Troll (T)


The Report

  1. Unplug the internet. I’ve done a pretty good job of disconnecting and focusing. 5 out of 5 days, in fact. This doesn’t mean I was a hermit. Just that I was distracted only when I chose to be distracted, I’ve worked pretty consistently all week, and my attention span is beginning to get back to an acceptable normal again.
    I get an Outstanding
  2. Go home on time. 2 out of 5 days, I left work between 7 and 7.15pm. Some of the other days though, I sort of ended up staying in office till 9. And I worked a little over the weekend too. I am not proud. This shall not happen again.
    I get a Troll.

  3. Do something worthwhile for 10 minutes everyday.  5 days out of 7, I played my ukulele. This is a bit of a cheat, because the ukulele is tiny and always handy and not very demanding at all. But hey, baby steps.
    I get an Acceptable.
  4. Work out thrice a week. I worked out zero times. Ugh.
    I did work out today, though. Jatin (the yoga teacher) showed up after ages, and I worked out for a good hour and a half. He’s given me things to do for the rest of the week. The deal is that I message him every time I work out. If he doesn’t get 3 messages from me over the week, he won’t show up next weekend. Let’s hope the blackmail works.
    I get a Troll.
  5. Eat more real food. Okay, this is hard. I am not built to eat real food. And everything that’s not real food tastes about 2398742389 times better. But. I’ve been trying. I’ve done a good job of it on 1 day out of 7, a half-assed job of it on 4, and failed horribly twice. I didn’t expect much out of me anyway, to be honest. But oh well. Try again tomorrow.
    I get a Poor.
  6. Sleep more. I slept a lot on Friday and Saturday. I intend to sleep a lot again tonight. But weekends are a no brainer. It’s my weekdays that need fixing. Although honestly, I have no clue how to make this happen. The numbers just don’t add up. Sigh.
    I get a Dreadful.

So I suppose I didn’t do a stellar job last week. But I tried. And also, I had too many pending chores to really stand half a chance.

I hope you’ve had a nice First Week Of The Year, Zonk.

Love always,

Ps. I think these tiny resolutions of mine are inspired from Wil Wheaton’s  life reboot series. If I hadn’t stumbled upon that, I’d probably have had a bunch of grand scale and impossible resolutions again this year. Which is actually why I decided to do a somewhat regular report, and fashion it like so.

If you haven’t read Wil Wheaton’s posts, please go check them out here sometime. I followed this series all of last year and, unlike most other change-your-life type posts, it’s done in a very real, story-like and understated way.

Pps. We’re calling these Tiny Resolutions now. Because ‘Red Flags’ just feels a bit too alarming.


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