Red flags: the fix

Dear Zonk,

Yesterday I told you about how I need to be less all over the place. I have been thinking about it for several hours now, and I think I have a Plan. 

Here it is. 

  1. I put my phone on DND mode. Every night after 10.30pm and every day between 10am and 5pm. I will still respond to messages, but not right away. Just once in a while. I will still get all calls, always. Because what if you call me because you’re dying and I don’t answer because I’m trying to rebuild my attention span. *shudders*
  2. I do something worth doing outside of work, for 10 minutes everyday. I read this tip somewhere on Reddit, I think. It makes sense and it’s doable. 
  3. I work out three days a week. Sundays are easy – I have yoga. Two more days of practice, or 7 mins, or even just a walk – that seems doable too. 
  4. Starting Monday, I eat only real food for a week. Except for Maggi on Friday because what sort of monster am I. Also, I don’t know very much about food. All I mean to do is not eat anything that comes out of a packet. Except bread and milk and coffee and stuff. No chips. No chocolate. Nothing that’s obviously shitty. And also, no caffeine past 5pm. 
  5. Sleep more. I think the 10.30pm DND will help by default. 
  6. Leave work by 7.30pm. And take a train back home. It’s just that it’s not possible to get enough sleep otherwise. *shrugs*

That’s it Zonk. I’ll be trying to stick to the Plan this week. See you again seven days from now :)

Love always,



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