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The Giant Vacation: Day 1 of Doing Things.

Hello there, Zonk! I’ve already told you all about Part 1 of my Giant Vacation: i.e. the 13ish days of Seeing Things.

After that came the Day of Being Jet Lagged, the Day of Just Being, which was ill-advised, since it was followed immediately by the Day of Doing A Geography Project with my nephew.

Followed by the Night of Not Sleeping, which was frying as hell.

Today marks the beginning of Part 2. This bit is about Doing Things. And also just about emptying my skull and hanging my mind out to dry.

After a lot of weighing of things, I’ve figured I should spend the next several days doing blog work. On Bleak. Because each post needs a fuckload of time to make and I won’t have this sort of time again for a good while. Also because it’s something I can do on my own, at home, and it costs no money. I did a lot of fun maintenance and set up work today. Private-ed the Bleak tumblr blog, deleted posts from my Keyminor tumblr blog (yes that happened at some point in the last few years), changed the theme, styled it to look exactly like the Bleak one, and turned that into the final Bleak blog.

All of this because Tumblr won’t let you change your Primary Blog.

I also set up this Twitter account for it, and started using it with the app I work on for a living. Let’s see how long I keep that up :) Tomorrow, I put up the 2nd post. Next week, the 3rd. By which time I should have the 4th one ready. I start to work on it tonight.

I considered sharing on Facebook, but turns out I don’t have it in me to do that anymore. Which is sad, but oh well. Maybe I’ll come around to it someday.

Anyway, the plan is to have a few posts lined up by the time The Giant Vacation ends, so I can post once a week for a while, or once in 2 weeks at least.

Tomorrow starts bright and early. One hopes.

That’s all for now, Zonk. If you’re on Tumblr at all, please go follow Bleak or like the post or something. Or on Twitter if you’re not on Tumblr. It accomplishes nothing, I know, but it’s all I’ve got for now!

Love always,

Ps. Now that I’m home for a good few days, I’ll probably be hanging out here all the time. See you tomorrow, I think :)


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