*irons things*

I’ve popped back in to tell you that I’ve discovered the most amazingly therapeutic activity in the Universe.

I just semi-tidied my closet and rounded up a bunch of clothes I need to return to people. And then –
I ironed them.

I’ve never ironed much before, Zonk, on account of I believe clothes iron themselves out, given a chance. But I ironed today, and it was beautiful. It’s oddly soothing to iron slowly and watch the wrinkles smooth out. Best half hour of my whole day, I’d say. I’m going to iron things everyday now. Well. Every week, at least.

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this before?


4 thoughts on “*irons things*

  1. Kitu… I miss you. And that is why I’m here reading keyminor. I love you. Coming to think of it, ironing is what happens in life in general. Things get straightened out… Or rather… Sorted out!

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