A list of things I did this weekend.

  1. Cleaned the fuck out of my bedroom. This took hours. But my bedroom had become a dumping ground for in-transit objects from all the other rooms of my house, and I was sick of it. This weekend, I claimed it back. I dusted and wiped until my dust allergy acted up, threw stuff away, and organised everything.
  2. Invented a Thing. A DIY windable earphone case. And I suspect it will work! As soon as I get the right parts.
  3. Reconnected my speakers, replaced my fairy lights, set out my bottle lamp. 
  4. Finally heard Radiohead’s new album.
  5. Learned to play XVI properly. Sort of. It’s never going to be a song I can truly play though, because it relies heavily on vocal delivery. I also feel so deeply in love with Dan’s incredible songwriting skills all over again that I made plans for a listening party next week. As a result of which, I’m actually okay with tomorrow being Monday. No Smonday blues tonight. *is in shock*
  6. Dug my violin out from under the debris of my shattered dreams. I actually wanted to, tonight. So I cleaned it up and tuned it and started with my G scale and then stumbled randomly along with some songs. And it’s odd, but I think I’m exactly where I left off. Not any worse at all. Though day #2 is usually worse than day #1, so we’ll see.



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