Random Things I’ve Learnt Are True.

Or thoughts from planning my kitchen.

  1. Indians pay a premium for white. (I cannot speak for other non-Indians.)
  2. Stuff that shines costs way more than stuff that does not shine.
  3. Given a choice, my mother will almost always opt for white and shiny things.
  4. White granite is usually grey in colour, and also very speckled.
  5. Pure white granite is rare, and it looks fake and featureless. In fact, it looks pretty much like the stuff your toilet is made of.
  6. This does not stop white granite from being thrice as expensive as black.
  7. It’s easy to get ripped off.
  8. It’s easy to go along with it anyway. Especially when the alternative is saying no after having said yes.
  9. I’d rather be disliked than ripped off. This I’m only just beginning to learn. And it’s saving me some money.
  10. But I’d also rather be ripped off than inconvenienced. This I’ve always known to be true, and it’s always been losing me some money.
  11. My entire kitchen fits into about a fourth of my bedroom.
  12. Quartz and other engineered stones are gorgeous. They are also way more expensive than black granite, but cheaper than the toilet variety of granite.
  13. Quartz and other engineered stones are not built to resist much heat. Google will tell you this. But your quartz salesman won’t.
  14. The most beautiful marble it more beautiful than the most beautiful granite, and almost as cheap as the cheapest granite too. But nobody care about marble anymore.
  15. I think is sad.
  16. None of this is truly necessary. And yet it must be done.




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