Smonday Report

Dear Zonk,

Here’s a list of small (and mostly useless) things I did today –

  • Slept in till 10.30am. This is a personal best.
  • Had an amazing breakfast. This is why I love my mom.
  • Bought a new TV Unit. I’ve been looking for a perfect TV unit for ages now. And I’d been eyeing this one through most of Feb. It’s yellow, it’s metal, it’s old school and it’s perfect :)
  • Went out with mom. Spent several hours in Hypercity, then bought her some stuff that she’d been eyeing for a while.
  • Watched one episode of one new show.
  • Experimented with soft pastels, brush pens, and watercolour crayons. It was fun, but nowhere as satisfying as paint.
  • Finally dug out one of my fancier little notebooks and started noting down my bookmarks. Just so we’re on the same page, a bookmark is a line or a paragraph in a book that’s worth highlighting and coming back to. I do post bookmarks here on the blog, but only sometimes. I’ve been meaning to actually write them down for a while now.

It’s turned out to be quite a fuzzy feeling Smonday. And now I’m going to go read up about my Kobo bug.

Love always,


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