Late Evening Epiphany

Some days I get really engrossed in work or worry about finishing something quickly or staying on top of things. And I decide I’ll take my laptop home and read up on this in advance at home and set the stage for tomorrow.

Today was one of those days. I decided I’ll go home and catch up on work a bit. And then I went for my yoga session and proceeded to tie myself up in knots. Halfway through the session, while I was lying painfully contorted on the floor, my brain said – Fuck it. And I abandoned all thought of wasting my precious night on work.

There’s many reasons I like these yoga sessions. But tonight I hit upon one of the more obscure ones; something I hadn’t managed to put my finger on before. 

If you work 9-10 hours a day, spend 2-2.5 hours commuting, and 6-7 hours sleeping. There’s precious little left over.

Sometimes it takes mild physical pain and complete and utter exhaustion to remind you of what’s real. For ten hours a day, it’s the ideas that you work with. But the rest of your time is yours.

Happy you-time, Zonk.
Love always,


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