Resolutions: The One Where I Learn To Cook.

Dear Zonk,

I woke up this morning and made myself breakfast. A bread and cheese sandwich toasted with garlic butter with a hole cut out in the center and an egg in the hole. It is, by far, the fanciest thing I’ve ever made myself (though it was pretty easy to do). But, I’m also going for a baking basics workshop later today. At 2.

You see, Zonk, I have an entire spreadsheet of resolutions this year. (Thank you, Rahul.) And one of them is to learn to cook a little. My resolution specifies actual food, mind you. But that’s okay. I think this is a start.

I will be back later today to tell you how the baking went.

And I will reveal my resolutions to you slowly over the year. One at a time.

Love always,

PS. I’m sorry to have been so silent for so long. I’ll do better by you now.


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