The Wishlist

Okay. I tried to make a wishlist and ended up with a pretty lame list. It had a grand total of three things. But, a lot of people have been asking me for it this year. My wishlist making habit has spoiled all of you. Lazy bums.

Anyway, I’ll make one right now, on the fly. And then continue to try and knock things off the do-list. Also my net’s down, and the WordPress app is shitty enough to not have a list format. Oh well.

The Wishlist

1. A pen with 4 color refills.

2. Headphones (over the ear). Comfy ones for when I’m at work.

3. Earphones. For when I’m not at work. Mine suck right now. Also, I like ones that go right into my ears. But not too much also. I find it stressful to plug my ears up completely and not plugging them up at all means bad sound quality. Have fun figuring this one out.

Let it be known that sound quality matters a lot when it comes to headphones or earphones. Just saying.

3. Basic Converse shoes. Maybe green. Maybe not. If you buy these I think you already know me well enough to pick a color I’d like.

4. One new book. A novel. Contemporary. Something light and quiet. Something along the lines of Kitchen or Perks maybe. I’m going to strike this one off the list right now and get my sister to buy me it.

5. An awesome diary/notebook with different types of ruled and blank pages and stickers and a foldout planner without any dates written on it already. Because my year will be November – November. Handmade is cool, too. Though the only people I know who could possibly hand make this will probably never really read this anyway :)

6. Socks.

7. Home pajamas. I put this stuff on my list every year. Its safe to say I’ll be happy to receive these at any point in life.

I would ask for cool magnets but magnets have a magnetic effect on my nephew and I want to avoid shouting matches with a baby. Because he’ll win them and I’ll lose my magnets. Every. Single. Time.

That’s all, Zonk.
I can’t think of anything else I need that isn’t mundane or too expensive. Please let me know if you need me to strike anything off my list for you.

Also, remember, you don’t need to stick to the list.

Love always,


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