The Do-List: Part I

Dear Zonk,
If you’ve been here long enough, you know that I make a Wishlist every year, when October starts to wane. It’s kind of like a Thing.

Well, October’s beginning to wane now. I can see November start to rise up over the horizon. I’m picturing it in my head and I’m thinking that November must be hard and small and silvery white. Sort of like the moon, but more silver. And maybe a little bit blue.

But I digress. There’s no reason to waste time imagining November pretending to be a planet. Point is, October’s ending, and I’ll need to make my Birthday List soon. Which is usually something that excites me to no end. This year though, we have a problem.

You see, Zonk, I can’t think of too many things I want right now that can be bought in a store. It’s not that I’m not as materialistic as I used to be – I totally am. It’s just that at some point over the last year, some critical centre of gravity seems to have shifted from a point just outside of my skin to a point just inside. So if you gave me new Calvin & Hobbes pajamas on the 5th of November, I’d definitely be happy. I’d be ecstatic, even. But it would end there.

Because deep down, I’m beginning to believe that I can no longer count on external objects to make my birthday feel amazing.

And it’s really important to me to have a birthday that feels amazing.

And so, I’ve done some digging around in my head, and I think I’ve got us some answers.

This year, in order to bring back the Birthday cheer, I need accomplishments instead of acquisitions. So instead of making a Wishlist (yet), I’m making a Do-List, or a list of things to do before I turn 27. And I’m going to stick it to the top of this blog and check things off as and when I do them. And I’d make the list here right now, but I won’t. Because it’s 12:24 and I’m fucking sleepy and I have an early day tomorrow.

Goodnight, Zonk.

Love always,


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