The Life Project – Phase Nevermind

Dear Zonk,

I was going to put this into the post I just published, about one minute ago; but it was really too random to put these two things together into one post. Even for me. And so, post #2 happened. In the same day. After about 5 years I think. Hallelujah!

Anyway, I’ll get to the point. Because it’s almost time to eat now and soon it will be time to sleep.

There’s been too much to do lately. Too many things to work on, too many people to meet, too many plans, too many late nights after work, too much multi-tasking and waay too much window-switching. And all of this switching around makes me nervous. And at some point in the night two weeks ago, when I was playing my guitar and also checking my phone and talking to people on Hangouts, I realised that I was no longer able to sit still. I had to keep tapping my foot or typing or something. Which is pathetic.

My ability to do things well is inversely proportionate to the number of things I have to do. Also, my ability to keep calm is inversely proportionate to the number of things I think about at one time.

A long, long time ago, I could spend 6 hours at a stretch practicing my guitar. Right now, I struggle to stay focused for half an hour, even. (Unless I’m having a very good time playing something.) My attention span is dismal. And it didn’t used to be.
And so, a while ago, I made a small rule. No phone (or screens) after 11pm. By 11, my day needs to be done, and I need to be in bed, reading. I’m allowed to read on my Kobo, because books. And also because my Kobo doesn’t glow in my face or ever hurt my eyes. I don’t believe it can be bad for sleep. (I love you, Kobo.) I also made a big rule. 20 minute violin practice sessions everyday. (Which did not happen. But it will. I want to work up to it.)

And this week, I realised that waking up at the same time as I already do, reaching work earlier than I used to, leaving at the same time (or later) than I used to, and coming home and passing out immediately is entirely pointless.

And so, I’m going to conduct a little experiment this week. I plan to turn back my clock by half an hour. Sleep half an hour earlier every night and wake up half an hour earlier every morning. If it works out, I should be able to get more out of my mornings again.

But this means no late nights. All week. Starting today.

*fingers crossed*

Love always,


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