The House Project – Phase II

Dear Zonk,

I got a lot of terrible work done yesterday and spent today recuperating from it and feeling sort of mournful about having to do waaaay more over the next few weeks.

You see, I like renovating rooms in my house. I like spending hours buried in Apartment Therapy and finding references and imagining paint colours and looking at lamps. I like how a new room feels after a massive makeover and decluttler operation. But I wish it would just get there by itself. Because making it all happen sucks. And I’m terrible at most of the planning and running around that goes with it.

But yesterday, I got shit done. I got a quote from Asian Paints, spoke to my regular person-who-does-this-shit about window work and AC fitting (giant pain) and wiring (surprisingly simple this time!) I even spoke to the flooring guy about getting PVC false wood flooring. The kind that makes a room photogenic and instantly more high maintenance (which is why I’ll probably stick with my ugly mosaic floor, thank you very much.)

And it all made me feel very grown-up and together. But the problem is sustaining the grown-up-ness over the next 2 – 3 weeks. Especially when there’s a ton of work to do at work as well.

I’m not built for this. I’m built for sitting in a corner and reading a book.
But a person must do what a person must do. And I’m going to try and focus on how amazing it’ll feel to get through all of this and finally reach the buying-of-lamps stage of the renovation.

And next time, when I plan the kitchen, I swear to god I’ll just hire a contractor to do all the managing and worrying for me.

Love always,


4 thoughts on “The House Project – Phase II

  1. I still need to do some stuff for my place. I literally did NOTHING over the weekend…well, apart from read. Tomorrow, I shall drink lots of falvored milk!

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