I plan to record seriously with C. Once a week, every week. For as long as it takes to end up with a sort of EP of 5 songs. (This is a secret.)

I’m going to start redoing my Living Room. It’s been on my mind for months now and it’s time I start making it happen.

I’m considering joining violin classes again for a bit.

I’m also considering joining Yoga classes.

I can’t do both violin and yoga, of course. That’s extravagant and over-ambitious and one of them will have to go.

I am a curious mixture of lethargic and productive right now. Today has been neither here nor there. Tomorrow I  plan to do all the things I plan to do and there is a 50% chance that I will fail.

Come to think of it, there’s always that 50% chance. But there’s also the other 50%. Who knows which way the die will fall.

Oh well.

Goodnight, Zonk.

Love always,


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