Joy Of Missing Out

Dear Zonk,

Something major happened today and I’m not there to celebrate it. I would’ve gone, too, but things happened. And so, somehow, I’m in bed instead. With my laptop, and with you.

I swear I’d planned to tell you more. I really, truly did. But it’s almost 12 and I’ve slept only 6 hours a night all week and I’ve gone out a lot lately and walking around in Hamley’s makes my feet hurt at the end of the day and my back hurts a little bit too. So long story short – I reached Thane today and then discovered that things were happening in Andheri and I would have gone back to party but didn’t. Because of everything I told you just one sentence ago and also because I had things to do that didn’t get done until 11.30pm. And really, 11.30 is too late to go to Andheri.

And so, here I am.

I feel a bad about missing a big day. But I also feel a relieved about being in my own bed with my own pillows and my own sheets and the prospect of going to sleep 15 minutes from now for a full eight hours. Because I’m tired today and especially because I have a long, long day tomorrow.

Maybe I’m just old on the inside. But it exists, this phenomenon. And it’s called The Joy Of Missing Out.

Love always,


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