Things I learned in Pondicherry

  • It feels good to walk barefoot on warm, dry brick. It feels amazing to go barefoot on grass. Damp grass is better than dry. Dry sand is fun, and wet sand is nice but not worth the mess it makes.
    My feet have strong opinions about these things. i just couldn’t hear them before.
  • Banyan trees are unbelievable.
    In the center of Auroville is a Banyan tree that’s about a hundred years old. Its branches are massive and run fully parallel to the ground and the roots that grow out of them have burrowed back into the earth and thickened into trunks.

    In the center of Auroville is a Banyan tree and I swear it is a forest all its own.

  • Silence can be both ominous and divine. It all depends on whether you’re indoors or out, and whether it’s day or night.
  • Vacations are nice because I’m allowed to sleep at any hour of day without fear of feeling wasteful or depressed.
    Time Without Consequence is good in small doses, I think.
  • Vacations are nice because you’re forced to step away from my bubble.
    I almost never step away. But I did now, and I found that if you go far away enough in time and space, most things aren’t as crucial as they seem.
  • My nephews can go days without playing Angry Birds. They just need real things to do.
  • We don’t appreciate wind chimes nearly as much as we should.

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