Study: Dreaming

Edit: I found out today that I’d posted this on the wrong blog. The post dates back to sometime last week. Just pretend you went back in time a little while you’re reading.


Dear Zonk,

I stayed home yesterday because I was sort of sick. Probably the exhausted kind of sick. Or probably the old deficiencies again. Anyway, I painted some.

Please ignore the weirdness of the photos. I’m too lazy to really edit anything and also I suck at taking good pictures.



Note: this artwork is more about emotion than accuracy. Just saying.

I love paint, Zonk. I love how forgiving it is. And on some days (not all) I love that there is no Ctrl+Z.
So many mistakes get made. And so many of those end up being beautiful anyway.

I plan to make more studies in three like this one. Same subject, same pose, three angles. This one is a study of Dreaming. Not sleeping dreaming. More a contented, lost in thought sort of daydreaming.

But I need to get better at drawing figures first. Because my figures only emote properly the side.

Also, please note how not unhappy/angsty this artwork is. I realised recently that my art stopped burying its head in the ground a while ago. That’s a very good thing.

Ps. I wrote this post on my phone at 6.30am and I’m not about to edit it. Ignore any typo you may find.


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