Stream of randomness

Dear Zonk,

This weather makes me feel sleepy all the time. And also slightly sick some of the time. I make plans every morning for evening and night but spend every evening and every night lying around and reading. I’ve gone through too many books this month and now I’m reading something that’s pretty shit.

I slept at 10 yesterday. I finally feel properly awake now.

I am a lazy bum.

Life is easier now that most of my hair is gone. I also feel more hardcore. I’m closer to being YoloKitu, I think. I might just leave home without a bottle of water tomorrow and not be fazed at all. Drastic haircuts are awesome. You should try it sometime. Especially when its fifty fucking degrees outside.

Fuck you, Summer. Go away. And as for you, Jeans, you’re banned. 

The catch – I’m more hardcore on the outside but Life has stayed the same. None of my plans are on the verge of working out yet and I’m beginning to lose faith.

My Old Monk T-shirt will finally be out on Redwolf next month. 

I seem to be going through each week faster now. This is a good thing when you think of how much closer the weekends feel.

But it’s a sad thing when you think in terms of life being a finite set of weeks. What if this week is the last week of your life and you spend most if it lying spreadeagled on the floor watching sitcoms and eating chips?

Actually, that doesn’t sound so bad.


And so it is.


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