Fire. Again.

Dear Zonk,

There was a small fire in my house today. While I was on my way back from work. And I know I’ve raised many almost-fire alarms here before, but this one was real, flames and everything, and an actual danger, and I’m pretty shaken about it.

My maid heard some sounds coming from the bell unit, and she called my mom, and then the unit burst into flame and fell down and continued to burn on the floor. My mom put off the mains with a stick (mains are situated directly above the fire, next to the bell box) and got my maid and the kids to get out of the house and wait there while she ran down to get an electrician from the hardware store. She didn’t put water on it, because electricity. Though it would have been okay once the box was on the floor and not still on the wall. When the guy came home it was still burning. He put it out and installed a new bell and told us not to worry and left. When I came home, things still smelled of smoke.

This is scary for so many fucking reasons.

  1. The place where the bell is – we hang our clothes out to dry right below there. There were clothes drying on the line there today. They didn’t catch fire. But if we’d hung a bedsheet or a sari up today, things would have been way worse.
  2. If this had happened at night we’d have probably not discovered it in time.
  3. If this had happened yesterday, while the maid was on leave and my mom was watching TV in the hall, we might not have found out in time.
  4. There’s always kids running around my house..

Last week the geyser made a sizzling sound while I was in the shower and a bit of black smoke came out of the top of it. I put it off and didn’t panic, because this has happened before. 

That’s not normal, Zonk. That’s scary. And the electrician promised us the geyser thing is not dangerous and the bell is the only thing that can catch fire in our house. Every thing else will just short circuit. But it’s all very scary anyway, and I’m buying an extinguisher next month and making fire alarms and being constantly vigilant around all fucking wires and devices in my house. I’M WATCHING YOU, LAPTOP. And I really hope I sleep fine and don’t dream of fire because the last time there was a false alarm of the fire kind, I didn’t sleep well for weeks after.

I’m just glad my mom is great in crisis situations. Must be all those years of working in hospitals. In her place, I would simply freeze.

I suck. Fire sucks. Sigh.


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