Dear Zonk,

It sucks to not have someone that you can call and arrange to meet within the next five minutes.



Author: Kirtana K

I paint and make music and blog like a maniac. These days I try to run. But I have chicken legs and lungs the size of two-rupee balloons. I fail. I like pajamas and striped socks and books that read like song and songs that sound like poetry and strangers who read this page. And Maggi when I'm sick or cold or sad or celebrating. They'll find noodles in my veins if ever they cut me open. And potatoes. And maybe a tiny bit of whiskey. I'll be an Unidentified Living Object and they'll put my insides on display. It will be crazy. It will be awesome. It will.

14 thoughts on “Dear Zonk,”

      1. I still have to go to Goregaon to get my shoes and kettle….but too damned lazy…don’t feel like making 2 hour trips each way…

      2. One side of me says, ‘Really? Really, blahBoy? You gonna spend money on new shows and kettle when you’ve got perfectly good ones just because you’re lazy?’ (the voice sounds like a bearded, trainee-driver, secret-smoker that you may know). And the other side of me says, ‘What’s the point? You’re too lazy to buy new stuff as well.’

      3. Hahahahha. Yes, I may know of a person that fits this description. But honestly, it’s good to own two pairs of shoes. And probably two kettles isn’t such a bad idea either. You can pick up stuff from Goregaon in the winter, when commuting won’t be quite at disgusting.
        Consider it.

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