Vacation, flu and a bunch of other things

In the last one week, I’ve been to Bangalore for a gig, lived with both my nephews 24×7 for 7 days in a row, been to hospital to visit C who caught the Swine Flu, and therefore had several cups of hot green tea, washed my hands a million times and gargled at least thrice to ensure that I don’t catch it too.

I did not catch it. I am somewhat proud of my immune system for having fought it off. And also somewhat worried about developing a Lady Macbeth type OCD. Meanwhile, C has moved out of hospital and is almost safe to be around again. Almost.

In other news, things are beginning to look up around here. My sofa sort of broke recently and that means I cannot put off the next phase of the House Makeover Project much longer. Which in turn means that I get to spend a lot of time on Apartment Therapy while simultaneously feeling purposeful and productive. I’ve started to get carpenter quotes et cetera again. And I’m really wishing I felt rich enough to just go for it right away. But I don’t. Fucking carpentry. It’s ridiculous how expensive these things are.

And because I’ve neglected this place for so long (honestly, who let’s a sidebar fall off a blog and do nothing about it?), and because I did not come back yesterday for my second post like I promised, I will be coming back with another today.

In 5.

That’s all, Zonk.

See you in 5!


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