True things

  1. I am no longer as productive as I was when the year began. But I also am more satisfied than I’ve been in a while. Because I have been trying to move things along and honestly, it’s been a while since I did that.
  2. I can play my ukulele at home now even when my baby nephew is around. He sits on my lap when I take it out and strums while I hold the chords for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We both sing loudly and give ourselves a big round of applause and then he wanders away to play with magnets and so on and I get back to playing Dan. I have trained him well.
    Next week, guitar.
  3. I looked up from my screen at some point today and my vision blurred for a few seconds. I have no idea why. And it did not even freak me out. I’m fucking hardcore.
  4. My library membership expired yesterday.
  5. It’s been many days since I worked out. And months since I tried to take the 7.50 bus. I take the 8.10 bus even if I’m ready to leave by 7.40. I just cannot roll out of bed at 6:10 in the morning. I just cannot bring myself to leave the house when I could have a solid 20 minutes of Dave Matthews tutorial time and take the later bus instead.
  6. There’s ice cream in the freezer but I don’t feel like eating any. Which feels weird.
  7. You could have lived your whole life not knowing this. But now that you’re here, do check for Random Advice.

Love always,


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