Resolutions, of course.

Dear Zonk,
I have about five hundred resolutions for this year but fuck that. I’m here right now to tell you about only one of them. Its a bit strange, this resolution. Because there are probably several hundreds of people in the world who’ve resolved to do the exact opposite this year. Anyway. Here goes:

I will read lesser.

According to my Kobo stats, I’ve read 23 books between November 2013 and November 2014. There must be some accidental inclusions. Like books I marked read because I’ve read them previously. But then there are some exclusions. Like physical books I took out of the library. Either way, I’ve read about two books per month in an average. At least. And that would be okay if I’d done anything else at all with my free time, but I haven’t.

Here’s some stats my Kobo doesn’t record. I’ve made one new painting last year. I’ve written one new song. I’ve made two posts on a blog that was supposed to be my main side project. I’ve made no progress with my violin.

So, you see. Reading is just too easy. I need to do less of it. And I’ve already begun. I finished a book this morning and I had another one I could start. But I left it at home B-|
Fuck yea.

Love always,

PS. Happy new year! :)


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