I am the most creepily productive person you know this weekend.

In the last three days, I have –

  • Practised violin every day, clocking in almost an hour in total. I have also composed my first violin bit that is not supremely simplistic. (I can’t play it yet on account of its being harder than I can manage now.)
  • Gone Diwali shopping. This takes hours, given the growing size of my family.
  • Gotten shit fixed at home (blinds, new light, hanging of painting)
  • Cleaned out my closet
  • Done research on new blogging platforms (Medium) and decided to stick with WordPress for my upcoming project.
  • Not slept in the afternoons at all.

I got home from my sister’s house right now, abandoned my plan to make a mug brownie, and planned instead to start on The Violin Project (more about this later), and understand and Caliber and start using it and make this post about how fucking productive I’ve been.

But then I realised that I can’t possibly do all of that in the new few hours and that I’m being absurdly hyper and I don’t know why. I’m jumpy and I’m buzzing and I’m bouncing off the walls. I think maybe it’s because I’ve been trying to play an upbeat tune all day. Maybe this is why I stick to gloomy instead.

I think all this excitement is creepy. The last time I went overboard and did too many things in too little time, I woke up shivering and feverish in the night. And, I already have a cold this weekend.

So, in the interest of behaving like a more balanced human being, I have made myself some camomile tea and I’m forcing myself to type this post up slowly.  Also, I will start  looking at Caliber today, but I don’t have to begin using it yet. And the Violin Project can wait till another day.

I’ll go now. Pack up my violin and watch Caliber demos and download some sitcoms for later tonight.

Tomorrow’s Monday. I should be depressed by now and it’s weird that I’m not. I’m going to go try rectify that.

Bye bye bye.

PS. I forgot to say – I also washed a stuffed dog and a duck.


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