Just so you know –

You take your laptop’s lid for granted.

Yes, you do. The lid and the hinges and the screen and the frame type thing on the front (it’s called a bezel, fyi) and the way it aligns neatly with the base when you close it. You take your laptop’s very ability to close for granted. You think it’s a straightforward, uncomplicated piece of machinery. A lid that drops neatly when you power off or sleep. You think it’s a given. A constant. An unchallengable.


You’re wrong. It’s not. And I’ve learnt this the hard way.

At some point in the past, I noticed that my laptop’s lid felt weird and sort of loose. I ignored it. Because you know, lid. Who gives a fuck. It kept getting looser. I kept opening it and shutting it with nary a thought. And then came the day when I couldn’t shut it right. Things creaked and crackled and the lid swelled up at the hinge every time I forced it shut. I freaked out, Zonk. I panicked. I became a ball of nerves. I wrapped my laptop in a clean sheet and placed it between two pillows* in a bag and rushed it to the service center. The diagnosis was grim.

My laptop needed new innards.

Outards, actually. I had to get a new bezel, top cover and hinges. And because my warranty has expired, I had to cough up 5000 bucks upfront. So I called my sister and she coughed up the money and I placed my order and waited for the new parts to arrive. And waited. And waited. And waited some more. It took ages to get them here. Probably because Dell support sucks once you’re out of warranty. But oh well.

In the meantime, I kept watching fucking Gilmore Girls for want of something better. And my lid kept getting weaker. Eventually, it died, and I had to shut my laptop for good.

Have you ever spent a long weekend without a computer, Zonk? Can you even imagine spending three? You probably can’t. And I hope you never have to. Because I did and it was ghastly. *shudders*

That’s all behind me now, though. The engineer finally arrived today, with parts and tools and surgical intent. He took stuff apart and then put it all together again and left me with a working laptop and a working lid and I have never been so grateful before.

Interestingly, my laptop stopped being able to shut around the same time that I stopped being able to move my head. The hinge and the disc seemed to have slipped at the same time. Perhaps we are connected in ways I cannot comprehend.

In any case, I’m just here to tell you – don’t take your laptop lid for granted. Or your neck.

Love always,

PS: Really don’t take your neck for granted. A new one would be a lot costlier than 5000 bucks. And considerably rarer as well.


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