A Feelgood Post, & Random Advice


HOLY SHIT. This is my 800th post on this blog!


Dear Zonk,

I have been somewhat sick and I got dizzy twice since yesterday. The doctor said that if these meds make me dizzy then I must be weak. Which is not the first time I’ve heard that. But, random dizziness notwithstanding, I would like to say that I am actually a little bit healthier than I used to be.

  1. A few months ago, getting dizzy would have led to a full blown panic attack. Which would have led to more dizzy. Which would have led to more scary. And so on and so forth for several weeks. This time round, I just ate ice cream and went to Hamley’s to buy my nephew’s birthday gift. (We got him a T-Rex excavation kit, if you want to know. And I also got myself a kaliedoscope.)
  2. I checked my weight and I’m finally at an almost publicly declarable weight.
  3. I eat an egg sandwich every morning. Which means I eat more protein now than I ever did before, and also more breakfast.
  4. I ate potatoes and carrots today, though I had to option to eat just potatoes. I also ate beans on purpose once last week. And I also told my mom that I’m going to eat more vegetables from now on.
  5. I eat fruit. Apples, bananas and watermelons. Sometimes instead of chips.
  6. I eat less chips overall.
  7. I am a happier person now than I used to be (some people will vouch for this) and this article makes me certain it’s because of how much shorter my commute is right now. I also do work out more and sleep more than I used to, plus my siblings are awesome. So I’ve got a lot of the stuff in the article covered. I also have many opinions on happiness lately, and I plan to tell you. But later.

So, yeah. I feel like I’m getting it together. I also actually started writing this post because thinking about my finances made me think I didn’t really have it together, but screw that. I changed my mind halfway through this post. Which turned out to be not about my finances or my room renovation plans at all. That’s weird. I guess sometimes the post controls the blogger.

Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don’t let the Crazy bite.

Love always,

Random Advice: Stick glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceilings.


2 thoughts on “A Feelgood Post, & Random Advice

  1. I still have to get to an acceptable weight I hate it! :/ Do you work out at the gym? Such a delight reading your posts after a while. Congratulations on the tshirt it looks amazing! :D

    • Hey! So nice to hear from you again! I did go to the gym. Thrice. But it was not nice. They kept making me lift weights and told me I should go for a weight gain progam and not do any cardio etc. Everyone was quite condescending, so I gave my membership to my sister and quit B-|

      And thanks! I plan to make more t-shirts. I think I’ll put another one up in a week or so.

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