A Song I Wrote

Dear Zonk,

I’ve been writing songs and singing them to myself for years now. I’m a mediocre guitarist, at best, and I hate my voice. I do like writing songs, though. It’s hard to do and painful and frustrating, but also immensely satisfying. If I had a nicer voice, I’d have shared them with you before. But I don’t. And so my songs and I just hang out in the bedroom. On weekends and rainy days and special occassions and things.

But yesterday, I worked on this lullaby I’d written a while ago. And I think I did a decent job of recording myself and putting the track together. For the first time ever, I don’t hate how I sound. And also for the first time ever, I’ve uploaded it on the internet and I’m leaving it here for you.

This is a first draft. Ideally I’ll fix the timingg issues and the shakiness in a while.
Listen, please. And tell me what you think.

Love always,


The words go like this –


Fold the day into your clothes,
List the things that didn’t go
To plan –
Be sure to tuck it all away;

In shrouded shelves inside your head,
Where work and worry come to rest,
And weariness lays thick as dust
On them;

Now darkness packs the day away,
And night and quiet take its place,
And lull your mind to fix itself,
With dream;

Till morning steals the night away,
With life that kills you day by day,
It won’t be long,
Just carry on,
These things are small,
You’ll mend them all,
Someday, for now, forget them
When you sleep.




4 thoughts on “A Song I Wrote

  1. You have such a soothing voice. Love the music. Calms me. I understand the playing guitar alone in my room part so well. I don’t compose anything tho. I just try and play songs I like differently..Do post more :)

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