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The wedding

This time last week, I was running around in uncomfortable clothes with a face full of makeup, and my sister was getting married. I meant to tell you about this a while ago, and I even started typing up a post. But I was tired, and the thoughts were somehow stuck in my head and the words just weren’t coming out right. I suppose even simple little blog posts need practice to turn out right. And I’m all out of practice.

Weddings are weird. You stress about them for months in advance and shop like you’re crazy and buy things you don’t need and call people you don’t care about and lose sleep and stuff your house full of guests. And then you begin to wonder when all of this will end and who will go crazy first, and suddenly, out of nowhere, your sister’s gone. And it really doesn’t make sense that you’ve been wasting precious time entertaining almost-strangers while your best friend since forever is packing up to leave home.

We should have spent the last whole week at home being lazy together and wearing shorts and watching sitcoms. We should have gone out for a movie, for random shopping, for family dinner. We should have gone drinking. We should’ve drunk a lot. Because, you know, we’re sisters. And big things are supposed to be celebrated with small groups of favourite people and good food and some booze. At least, this is what I believe.

But what I believe doesn’t always align with what needs to be done. And so, this time last week, there was a wedding. And it turned out quite nicely too. I missed quite a bit of the ceremonies because I was part of the back stage crew, but I did manage to be there for some of the fun bits.


This is quite a badly taken, blurry picture. But I like it, because everyone is so happy and because it’s got both my sisters standing side by side and both of them are laughing. Soon there will be proper pictures taken by proper photographers. And when I get those, I’ll share some of them with you. But for now, I’ll leave you with this.

And this.


You made it, people. You’re together forever now, for real, and you’re happy. I hope you have a most magical, mindblowing life together.

Love always,


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