Of growing up and quiet rooms.

Dear Zonk,

I was planning to post a List Of Updates From My Life here today, but I’m just not in the mood to do it. I’m tired, but in a good way; and my mind feels like a quiet room where you go to spend Saturday afternoons in peace and untalking. Like a library full of old books with a window and an armchair and pillows on the floor. Or a bed with many blankets on it, and a laptop and familiar sitcoms. And soup. Or maggi. And socks. But now I’m clearly just naming all of my favourite things. I’ll stop.

Anyway, Zonk, here’s something that’s not just a random update-

I feel older these days. In an oddly comforting I-can-do-this sort of way. A woah-so-I’m-an-adult-afterall sort of way. It’s been a long time coming but it’s here, and the weird thing is, it feels sort of nice.

I guess I never really believed I had it in me to be a grown up.  Not that I’ve done anything too grown up yet, but I will. Soon.

In the spirit of this post, here’s a song for you to listen to, if you haven’t heard it already. It’s exuberant and doomful and awesome all at once. I love Dan Mangan, and he deserves to be a whole lot more famous.

Love always,



4 thoughts on “Of growing up and quiet rooms.

  1. Our favourite things are quite similar. Could relate to all of them actually, word for word.
    Also, I loved the song. :) Is this the same guy from your desktop wallpaper?

  2. Holy goodness! The song is lovely. And the lyrics are way too beautiful <3
    Is this the same guy who sang Requiem for a dream? I've heard that before.
    Thank you for posting this here. *bookmarked* :)

    • Nope :) I think Requiem was Clint Mansell, and he composed it. I don’t think there is a version with words to it, just music. This is Shane Koyczan. He’s a Canadian poet and spoken word artist and he’s BRILLIANT!

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