Music, Unsorted

Current obsessions

As of today, the last week, and the last month – in that order:

  • Dave Matthews in general, solo acoustic performances in particular. I can play Grace is Gone a little bit better now than I could fifteen minutes ago. It’s not much, but it’s Something.
  • Doing up my home, which is a small cluttered space that has taken shape sort of  haphazardly over the last ten years. We recently did some repair work in the bathroom and kitchen, and now I’m itching to do the rest.
  • The 7 minute workout that I’m trying to do regularly with Rahul. I have done a decent job (except for the last three days which I skipped for various very legit reasons.) I have 2 muscles now.

Also, a concern: I’m afraid I might have lost the part of me that wrote songs.  I haven’t written a complete song in far too long now. Does skill come with an expiry date and can I apply for an extension? Come on, Zonk. Help me out here. Tell me what you know.

Love always,


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