Dear Zonk,

I’m just dropping in to say: Friday nights are precious. And I’m completely prepared for this one. I have my monkey pajamas and my mandatory oversize t-shirt and a pair of socks. I have my guitar (which, may I add, I’ve been playing regularly all week) and my laptop and Kim Kobo. And I’ve made a list of things to do over the weekend.

List of Things To Do Over The Weekend

  • Finish song (fyi, I sang loudly today, while working on said song; instead of just mumbling under my breath like I usually do)
  • Try to record something
  • Make a thing that I can’t mention here right now
  • Work on something I started (and abandoned) long ago.
  • Watch stuff
  • Sleep a lot
  • Play badminton

I know that you’re thinking that’s too many things to do in just one weekend. And I fully agree. Which is why I’m going to try to do at least 4 of these 7 things I’ve listed here. If I manage that much. I think we can all agree that I’m pretty fucking awesome.

Love always,



Author: Kirtana K

I paint and make music and blog like a maniac. These days I try to run. But I have chicken legs and lungs the size of two-rupee balloons. I fail. I like pajamas and striped socks and books that read like song and songs that sound like poetry and strangers who read this page. And Maggi when I'm sick or cold or sad or celebrating. They'll find noodles in my veins if ever they cut me open. And potatoes. And maybe a tiny bit of whiskey. I'll be an Unidentified Living Object and they'll put my insides on display. It will be crazy. It will be awesome. It will.

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