Literature, Unsorted

And so it is.

Dear Zonk,

I’ve been on a Harry Potter revisiting spree for a bit now. I started with book one because I had nothing else to read at the point, and then I kept reading, and now I’m on book five.
My Kobo has become really important to me. I would never  have borrowed HP from my library, because, you know, it’s HP, and I’ve read it before, and I can’t waste my two library books on taking something I’ve read so many times before. But I have it all on my Kobo, and I can read all the fucking time. In the bus, in a rick at night, standing up in a crowded train, in bed with the lights out..

Right now, I am at work. But I don’t want to be at work, Zonk. I want to be at Hogwarts!
Failing which, I at least want to be at home, lying in bed with my sockshoes on and reading Harry Potter.

Love always,
Yours sulkily,

PS: I lost my sockshoes at a bachelorette party. And so it is.


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