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How I became a Maker Of Things

Dear Zonk,

For my birthday, my friends bought me a Kobo Glo, which is a lovely little e-Reader that is currently one of my most prized possessions. It lets me read more books and heavier books, and it even lets me read in rickshaws at night. Also, it’s gorgeous. It has a white frame, the matte-est screen in the world, and a beautiful blue suede back. I’ve been trying really hard not to scratch it. And because Kobo Glo cases are hard to come by here, on account of it being a brand new product and so on, I’ve  been carrying it around in a towel.

For a bit, I considered buying any sleeve I could get – an iPad Mini sleeve maybe – and I did try to. But iPad Mini sleeves are expensive, and I’d rather not pay 800 bucks for something that doesn’t even fit my Kobo right. Besides, I basically just needed a giant pocket. And I began to ask myself why I should be paying that much money for a fucking pocket.

And so, I made a plan. I sat down and began looking for sleeves worth spending good money on, sleeves I can’t get, like this pretty one on Etsy, and then I googled things a little bit till I found this tutorial, and then I began to do the rounds of Thane shops in search 0f some grey felt.

I did not get grey felt. I actually did not get felt at all. Instead, I found some black fabric that looks and feels a bit like felt. I bought that, and some needle and thread and wool and buttons, and then I began to be a Maker Of Things.

For various reasons I did not follow the tutorial very much. And I’m going to give you a step-by-step account of How I Made My Kobo Sleeve (just in case you prefer my case to Martha’s)

How I Made My Kobo Sleeve

  1. I got my mom to teach me how to do a backstitch.
  2. I measured my Kobo and cut and stitched the black fabric into a pockety shape.
  3. Then, I pretty much invented a whole new form of stitching and stitched around the top edges of the pockety shape to make it look nice and fluffy instead of flat and cut out. (The bit about inventing the stitch is probably not true.)
  4. I got my mom to stitch on the button and fix the loopy yellow wool braid thingy on the back of the pocket.And there you have it. A sleeve!

Kobo sleeve

My sleeve is nowhere close to as pretty as the Etsy ones, obviously. But I love it, and it’s okay. Because, you know, I pretty much just learned to stitch today. And also I’m an untidy person and I’ve always been messy at craft. In any case, I’m pretty fucking impressed with myself.

Love always,

PS: In the spirit of being a DIY person, I tried to thread my own eyebrows today. I lost a little brow in the process, but it’s okay. I’ll get the hang of it someday.

PPS: Because I’m feeling sort of smug and because I love Ron Swanson –


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