The New Office Phenomenon

Dear Zonk,

Life was supposed to Change on account of New Office. I was supposed to be exercising and making music and art and working on a new blog and stuff. But none of these things have happened yet. It’s 9.17pm, and I’m home and I have been home since at least 8, and I know I should be doing some of the things that I’m always planning to do. But I’m lazy. And tired. And I have a cold. And all I really want to do right now is sit here under my sheets and watch Parks and Recreation. And also, say sorry. For not doing any of things that I ought to have been doing.

But tonight, I’ll go to bed early, and leave work on time, and get home before 7. And then, maybe, you know. I’ll do something.

Goodnight, Zonk. I’m a terribly lazy person and a lazier blogger still. But you’re still here, and therein lies your awesomeness. (I’m sure you’re awesome for other reasons too, but I don’t really know all of them.)

Love always,K.




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