Thing, thing and thing.

One – I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. I’ve been busy and exhausted, but that’s no excuse. I know a lazy person when I see one, and I see one in me. I plan to work on it.

Two – I’ve started writing a new post at least twice in the last two weeks, and they’re still lying in my drafts. But the moment’s over. And the posts have died. And so, I’ll let them be.

Three – Of all the things that I have been meaning to tell you, this is what I’ll tell you right now: I’m making a list of potential and ongoing personal projects and you’re going to to be reading it right about now.

The list of potential and ongoing personal projects.

  • The Violin Project
    If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll know all about my love-hate relationship with my violin. Which has me oscillating between frustrated and hopeful and defeated a lot. But I think I’ve finally made some progress. Psychologically, at least. I met up with Neil, who is a very talented and very real full time musician and who used to be in college with me. And I got one really good 2 hour long lesson with him, and a Plan.
    The Plan, right now, is to not skip the basics like I’ve always done. The plan is also to learn one scale a week and confine all my violin playing to it. I’ve been on G the past seven days, and according to the rules, I get to play the notes in whatever order I want, as long as I don’t wander off the scale. I’ve practiced all day today and things are looking up already. Tomorrow, I move to D.
  • The Vegetable Project
    I am a fussy eater. I am the queen of fussy eaters. I am the prize jewel in their unhealthy crown. And I’m worried that all the potatoes and chips and noodles that I consume will someday get to me. Plus, everyone around me is beginning to eat healthy. My sister’s been on top of it for a long time now. She’s always eating salads and brown bread and waking up at unearthly hours to hit the gym. I wouldn’t go that far, but I’m toying with the idea of banning potatoes for myself during weekdays. Not in order to stay skinny, but in order to be forced to eat other things. Vegetables. Ugh.
  • The Bleak Person Project
    This is something I’m excited about. And I haven’t figured out enough to be able to tell you much more yet, but I plan on getting it started today. Maybe. Or also maybe not. Who knows how these things turn out.

And now, I must go. Saturday’s more than half over and I have things I need to figure before the day is done.

Love always,

PS:  The WordPress dashboard’s changed since I last saw it, and it looks pretty good.


2 thoughts on “Thing, thing and thing.

  1. may you succeed in all your projects my doll. I do believe in the whole karma concept in most cases..for all the loyalty you’ve shown to all the potatoes in this universe they won’t do any harm to you in return…i promise ;-). Having said that “EAT OTHER VEGETABLES”!

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